The perfect fish finger sandwich

Before you say it, yes, I am aware in the picture are what you might call fish ‘bites’ rather than fingers.

Like many sandwiches, some are seen as an institution which is not to be messed with.

Some might say that the way Dishoom has bacon sandwiches in naan bread is an absolute disgrace. I’m not so sure. I appreciate variety, and factor many other things into deciding what I eat.

Which is why, I feel I still haven’t found what one might consider as the perfect fish finger sandwich.

Pictured: Sainsbury’s bloomer  bread, mayonnaise, fish finger bites, rocket leaves and tomatoes.

I can confirm it was fantastic. But something wasn’t quite there yet. It felt like it was missing something.

I did tinker a little. I had it with some ketchup. I had it with some mustard. I’ve had other  fish finger sandwiches with thicker sourdough bread, and I’ve also experimented with vegetables parings.

I’d love to know what you guys think. Let’s talk sandwiches.

Enjoy, Roi x