Working on my plating

I was hungry, but also had some time on my hands to play about a bit, so I decided to work on my plating.

This won’t surprise you, Michelline-starred restaurant Mugaritz have yet to call me up and offer me a job.

None the less, I very much enjoyed the meal.

You’re looking at a portion of pan-fried salmon, slathered in butter and lemon juice, sea salt and cracked black pepper.

It is sat on top of salt-based beets, which I LOVE, they come out with this sort of soft umami flavour that’s hard to describe.

And a cauliflower puree, which is made by part-boiling and then sauteeing cauliflower with some fennel seeds, and some onions, all of which were softened and golden brown. In the blender, they were mixed with sea salt, milk and about a tablespoon of butter.

I had no micro-herbs to hand, so instead opted to keep some of the fried onions back and then just laid them on top for the full Michellein-star plating fun.

I do think the dish needed something green but I thought I’d stop while I was ahead.