Borough Market’s Roast


I went to Borough Market’s Roast twice recently, and both times were very different.

In a nutshell, go for the main meals, not the decor or service. I know I sound like a right so-and-so, but these things matter!

The main meals I’ve had there – pork belly and pan-roasted sea bass were great – were both great. The pork belly was soft and flavourful, the sea bass was crispy and grilled to perfection.

The puddings were very average and tasted like they were reheated in a microwave. I’d recommend you go next door to Hawksmoor.


The decor has this weird dated late 90s early noughties, and kind of reminds you of a hotel dining room.

The coffee I was served at the end gave me nightmares, tasted like it was made with rancid beans. Horrible stuff.

The service was OK, certainly not matched by the price tag.